Hair SPA Rituals

Immediate Effect Ritual FUSIO – DOSE 5 min 14 EUR
Adapted for individual needs and all skin types, a highly concentrated blend of active ingredients, which, by entering the hair fiber provides instant deep hair transformation.
Ritual for Hair Renewal RESISTANCE 10 min 15 EUR
Renewal and strengthening of damaged and weak hair. Immediate renewal of hair fiber. Deep and long-lasting strengthening of hair from the root till the ends.
Ritual for Ideal Color REFLECTION 15 min 20 EUR
Protection and glow of color-treated hair. Protects and preserves the hair colors intensity, while giving hair a brilliant glow effect.
Ritual for Hair Nutrition NUTRITIVE  20 min 25 EUR
Especially intense and long-lasting nourishment for dry and sensitive hair. Optimal nourishing for dry hair from root till ends. Gives a long-lasting result.
24 Carat Ritual ELIXIR ULTIME 15 min 25 EUR
Versatile beauty treatment for all hair types. Nutrition, protection and glow with immediate hair restoration for all types of hair with suited hair products, silky, feathery and irresistibly fragrant hair.
Revitalizing Ritual DENSIFIQUE 20 min 20 EUR
Increasing the thickness of the hair, which is lacking volume. Significantly stimulates new hair formation process, restores and preserves the hair thickness, and quantity.  
Purifying and Balancing Ritual SPECIFIQUE  15 min 25 EUR
Scalp treatment and balance for cases with imbalance. Thanks to full effect, purifies the scalp and restores optimal balance.
Head SPA Ritual DERMO – CALM 20 min 25 EUR
Wellness and scalp health in cases of discomfort. Immediate scalp calmness, maximum comfort and relaxation.
Kerathermie (for all hair types) 60 min 55 EUR
The Kerathermie ritual has been inspired by Brazilian hair straightening technique, it is the first thermo active and reconstructive service, which provides special care for hair. The hair fibers are softened and gain a captivating glow.
Hair care programm DISCIPLINE  45 min 45 EUR
Maximum efficiency of keratin, thanks to the unique combination of active ingredients, which tame the hair and restore it.