HISTOMER treatments


HLS Anti-age treatment  75 min 64 EUR
Treatment with its HLS-BIO complex regenerates the Langerhans cells and revitalizes all skin tissue, canceling the negative effects of hormone deficiency.
Wrinkle treatment 60 min 50 EUR
Anti-wrinkle and revitalizing treatment. Slows down and prevents the formation of facial wrinkles, while at the same time gradually reducing the visual impact of already formed wrinkles.
Hisiris skin treatment 60 min 45 EUR
For dry and sensitive skin. Quickly reduces the imperfections typical of sensitive skin and any type of redness, especially that caused by couperose.
Vitamin C treatment  60 min 43 EUR
Gives your complexion a clearer, more radiant look and globally removes small pigmentation flaws. It stimulates the formation of new support fibres in the deep derma. Skin becomes more elastic and wrinkles appear less visible.
Histomer Formula 201, the revolutionary face rejuvenating treatment 90 min 47 EUR
This program helps to correct face skin imperfections (such as wrinkles, skin tone and elasticity loss, “dark” spots and uneven complexion) and allows the skin to “reprogram itself” and limits the possibility of all these problems development.
Basic Treatment 90 min 37 – 45 EUR
Skin cleansing, serum, massage, mask for all skin types and problems.