Special SPA Rituals

Chocolate Ritual 120 min 85 EUR
To pamper face and body enjoying chocolate face treatment and chocolate body massage. The magic of chocolate will release your body from stress. The vitamins and micro-elements in the chocolate will feed and moisturize your skin, make it silky and smooth. This chocolate ritual will make your skin look fabulous.
Honey Ritual
120 min 92 EUR
Glazing honey massage for body and facial treatment gently cleans the skin, makes it smoother, softer and more elastic. Honey has excellent nutrients, moisturizing and renewing qualities. Massage releases muscles from strain and because of the honey healing efficiency it stimulates toxin purge and strengthens the bodies natural defenses. This ritual relaxes and cheers up the body and the mind at the same time.
Ritual “Bellezza”
150 min 110 EUR
Body peeling, relaxing body massage with essentials oils, aromatic face treatment, nourishing mask for feet. Aroma procedure complex that improves the harmony between your body and the mind. During the ritual, body peeling cleans the skin gently, however relaxing the massage with mixture of ethereal oils releases tiredness and renews vitality of the body and balances out the emotional level. Aroma facial procedure stimulates skin renewal, supplies it with oxygen, nutrients and purge toxins. Ritual improves the skin tone, elasticity, color and visual look.