HAIRSTYLING Alfaparf Kerastase
Styling for short hair 18 EUR    21 EUR
Styling for semi- long hair 21 EUR    24 EUR
Styling for long hair 25 EUR    28 EUR
Styling for hair extensions 36 EUR    39 EUR
Styling for gentelmen 10 EUR    13 EUR
Hair styling with BRAID elements:  
 For semi- long hair  19 EUR    22 EUR
 For long hair  22 EUR    25 EUR
 Evening hairstyle for short hair for special events  29 EUR    32  EUR
Evening hairstyle for average lenght hair for special events  36 EUR    39  EUR
 Evening hairstyle for long hair for special events 43 EUR    46  EUR 
 Hair washing and hairstyle after treatment  12 EUR    17 EUR